Secrets Unveiled: Inside Loopuyt’s Speakeasy

Step into the hidden world of gin and discover Loopuyt’s speakeasy location. This unique tour takes you on a special journey through the secret location of Loopuyt, where mysticism and craftsmanship come together.

During the tour you will become acquainted with the history of gin and Loopuyt and you will receive an explanation about the various products that Loopuyt makes. Of course there is also something to taste. The tour includes a gin cocktail of your choice. Don’t feel like drinking alcohol? All gin cocktails are also available non-alcoholic!

PS. Inside the property you will also find a boxing ring, where the spirit of an unforgettable “Fight Club” comes to life. Will you step into the ring yourself..?

More information

Tickets: €39,50
When: 7 October 16:00 – 18:00
Where: Tuinlaan 76, 3111 AW Schiedam

– Visit to the Speakeasy of Loopuyt
– Explanation about Loopuyt and it’s Speakeasy
– 1 mixed drink with a choice of Gin Tonic, Gin Ginger Beer or Gin Rose Lemonade. 
– 1 signature Loopuyt Cocktail of your choice.

Pre-booking required! For 18 years and older.