Dutch Distillers

In Schiedam, you can smell, taste, and see the characteristics of a distillers’ city. In the historic centre, many buildings and the seven tallest windmills in the world still remind us of the time when Schiedam used to be the international heart of the gin industry.

Today, the district is flourishing. Old distilleries have been transformed into shops, restaurants and apartments. Visitors can explore the windmills and get a taste of history in the jenever museum. In addition to this, one can meet the distillers and master blenders who keep the traditions of Schiedam gin alive.

From March through June, Schiedam celebrates the Dutch Distillers District with various exciting events. Taste over 100 types of gins, jenevers, cocktails, and mocktails during the Jeneverfestival. Don’t miss the World Cocktail Weekend, where the distillers and hospitality industry of Schiedam come together to celebrate the craft of cocktail-making. Enjoy music and entertainment and explore different raw, industrial locations in the city centre during the IDDF (International Dutch Distillers Festival). Besides this there are many more events such as National Molendag (National Windmill Day).

Want to know more about the Dutch Distillers District? Visit the website sdam.nl.